Friday, 31 October 2008

So much to tell you

Well what a week, I had my last day with the BBC3 team yesterday and will miss them both terribly even if I don't miss the cameras! On Wednesday, My Mum, Suzy and Itamar went to the Mussel Inn and had the most glorious meal and then last night Sid, Jo, Suzy, Itamar and I ventured down to the Waterfront for a lobster supper which was simply divine, it was nice to spend some time with the BBC crew without the cameras and to showcase to them some of Plymouth.

I have just received a load of pictures from Miss Pole dance Uk 2008 and the Pole Divas South west qulaifiers 2008, thanks to James at for the lovely images from Pole Divas and Jason Parlour for the Miss Pole Dance pictures:

You can check out all the other pictures on the art of dance facebook.

Other events this week included the arrival of a beautiful parcel from India from one of our students Kate Tolliday, Kate is a veterinary nurse who is volunteering in India for 6 months. Kate sent us some temple flags as well as some fresh Indian tea leaves and a lovely postcard keeping us up to date on her work in India. Hopefully Kate will send us some pictures so I can share them with you.

Yesterday saw the Flexi funksters aka the University of Plymouth pole dancing club taking on the Eggheads and winning £16,000, congratulations girls I am so proud of you! You can watch the episode here. Yesterday also saw me visiting the council chambers to meet with Councillor Linda Bowyer to air my concerns about new 'pole dancing legislation which could affect my right to performance pole dancing. I raised the following concerns: Firstly that lap dancing clubs are using the term 'pole dancing club' to make them seem more socially acceptable and this has a knock on effect for the fitness pole dancing industry, secondly that I agree with the need for new legislation for lap dancing clubs and thirdly to question why I am not allowed to perform at council events such as Lord mayors day. Linda answered all my questions and I was more than pleased with how the meeting went. Linda will be taking my concerns back to both Plymouth City Council and higher government so I will keep you posted on developments.

On Tuesday, Hayley and I performed at the Echo Centre in Liskeard with a fantastic group of individuals - I will report back on this in full detail next week!

On Wednesday I renewed my sponsorship of world champion Muay Thai fighter Christi Campbell, my sponsorship means that Chrsti can continue to have extra maths lessons at home to help her with her pending GCSE's - sorry Christi!

I should take the time to dispel the myth about Tracey Simmonds at Miss Pole dance, I was led to believe that Tracey came 2nd and not 1st because her song was longer than 5 mins, but apparently this was not the case, the DJ did fade the song out at 5 mins, I still think Tracey should have won. To make matters worse I found out that I was placed 10th out of 13 in the finals which I am absolutely gutted about. I am not allowed to see my scorecards but was informed that my highest score was a very respectable 102.5 out of 120 but my lowest score was 54 out of 120. I am not allowed to know which judge gave me such a ridiculoulsy low score and the discrepancy between scores suggest a problem with the judging. I really believed I had done better than 10th but will have to wait to see the DVD to review my judgment. On a positive note i have just heard that Tracey will be down in Plymouth in Jan / Feb so I am looking forward to sharing pole dancing tips with the master herself!

After the hecticness of being followed by cameras for 4 weeks I am finally able to catch up with some admin! I also have the whole day of on Sunday which is fab and am hoping to finish of my working day tomorrow with a sports massage! it will be back to work as normal on Monday with a very early start due to the facts that I am on BBC radio Plymouth with the gorgeous Gordon Sparks from 8.30pm till 9pm. I am staying of the pole for the next few days but will be back with a vengance on Tuesday!

I still have loads more to tell you but need to disappear off to do the wages for the end of the month! I will leave you with this picture of me doing the rocketman at the Miss Pole Dance UK finals.Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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