Thursday, 9 October 2008

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Sorry for the lack of blogging but life at the art of dance has been rather busy lately. After my recent blogs on bins and lap dancing licensing I have finally had a response from Councillor Linda Bowyer who has reassured me on the subject of licensing but not on the subject of fortnightly bins. Still at least I have had some response. Apparently it may be some time before our bins are reduced to fortnightly which is good for the time being. I must whinge about the free fridge magnet that has been sent to every home in Plymouth, as far as I can see the magnet had no purpose - it doesn't actually tell you which day your bins will be collected and I am sure it cost a lot of money - what a waste!

Great news re Torquay - Kelly is back! Kelly will be taking the week off to recover after her stay in hospital with pneumonia, Kelly will be back at the Bishop's Court Hotel on Tuesday 14th October to resume lessons there.

Oh and did I mention that the BBC are filming antics at the art of dance over the next few weeks! The lovely Suzy and Itimar from BBC3 spent some time with me last week and were interested in learning about fitness pole dancing and the myths that surround it, they are now going to spend some time with me filming day to day activities at the art of dance and learning about different people's viewpoints about fitness pole dancing. I am hoping that the documentary will be a chance to prove to people that fitness pole dancing is not sleazy and is not talentless.

This morning the crew filmed my husband and I having breakfast, I had to avoid the temptation to wash and put make up on for the cameras so be warned that when the programme is aired you will see me when I have just woken up - not a pretty site although I think you will like Sid and I in our fabulous dressing gowns with matching socks!

Of course next week is the finals of Miss Pole Dance UK 2008, the BBC will be filming that too! Talk about extra pressure to do well! My training is going OK with two new moves to add to my repertoire - hopefully I will be able to pull them off on the night! I have been practicing with Jo and Tamar and have another hour to do tonight.

Great news about the Help the Heroes campaign, I donated some art of dance vouchers a recent fundraising night and the vent raised over £4300 for charity! I had a lovely letter of thank you from the Base Warrant officer and I know that the money will go to "helping any casualties during their tour of duty as well as assisting Tri-Service Rehabilitation Centre at Hedley Court"

Sorry for the lack of pictures but my new camera phone is refusing to transfer pictures to my laptop - will investigate the problem and start boring you with some more pictures asap.

As some of you will know Plymouth University made the decision to hold their graduation ceremony on the beautiful Plymouth Hoe, some local's opposed this idea saying that it blocked others from viewing the fabulous panorama but I disagree, this a great promotional opportunity for Plymouth, it meant that the families and friends of the graduates got to see one of Plymouth's jewels : the harbour in full sunshine, those pictures will be sent back to other family members and not doubt distributed on social network sites - what a great opportunity for Plymouth and well done to the university for deciding to hold the event on the Hoe, more rantings to follow including more controversy at Plymouth University.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

How exciting! I had a chat with Kay earlier in the week and she told me about the BBC - great news and so cool that you're going to be a star!!

Really looking forward to seeing you again next week - is Jo coming up with you?