Saturday, 25 October 2008

Pole news from a very bruised and aching person!

The argument about lap / pole dancing clubs continues this week as Plymouth gets it 4th lap dancing club. I was pleased to read this article from Herald reporter Mary O'leary which points out that what we at the art of dance do is not the same as what goes on within the lap dancing clubs. I have a meeting with Councillor Linda Bowyer on Thursday next week to discuss new legislation regarding pole / lap dancing to ensure that the wording of any new law will not adversely affect my right to pole dance, to air my concerns about why I am excluded from various events such as Lord Mayor's day and to question why none of the councillors who are voicing concerns about such lap dancing establishments have ever actually been inside one.

On the subject of pole dancing I think I am over training slightly at the moment, preparations for Miss Pole dance saw a dramatic increase in the amount of hours I spent on the pole and I am still keeping my training regime up for Pole Divas, In addition to this I have been teaching a lot and performing including a 2.5 hour stint on Thursday night at the Saints party - read Jo's blog for more info and check out the BBC docu next year for footage from the event! I also managed to add about 8 hours teaching to my exercise timetable and am performing tonight at Annabel's. My legs resemble that of a Dalmatian and my shoulders feel as though they are about to fall out of their sockets. I would like to say that I have a day of rest tomorrow but am cornering at UCP Marjon for one of sid's fighters - no peace for the wicked.

The TV crew are still with me and yesterday we had the pleasure of doing interviews in glorious sunshine on the Hoe, It made me proud to be Plymouthian and I took the opportunity to take the cameras along the main waterfront as well as the Barbican including a visit to Cap'n Jaspers for a fresh Barbican crab roll. Next week should be the last week of filming so I can get back t a bit more normality in the workplace but I will miss Suzy and Itimar as they have been such a pleasure to spend time with.

Like me Tamar is going through the usual set of stresses and worries about the pending Pole Divas championships. You can read Tamar's latest blog by clicking here.

You can probably tell by today's blog that i am feeling physically exhausted so will stop writing for now.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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