Sunday, 12 October 2008

My lovely TV crew

The lovely Suzy and Itamar - pictured above - from the BBC have just spent their first week with me, they arrived on Monday lunchtime and left on Saturday afternoon, they return on Monday for another week of filming and in total will be with me for 4 weeks. I am sure they will be sick of me by the end of it if they are not already.

Having your every move recorded with the threat of it all being publicised in February on BBC3 is a little daunting to say the least. It is quite difficult to get on with normal day to day admin but both Suzy and Itimar are a pleasure to be around. They have already attended some pole dancing lessons and have the bruises to show for it!

It is very strange being filmed doing such seemingly boring things and you get some strange looks from passers by as you are filmed popping into the local post office or buying a coffee. My neighbours looked very confused when they saw a camera crew filming the front of the house. Even my birds and my cat have been followed by the camera! I won't tell you everything that has been filmed so you will have to wait until February for the full story!

Other art of dance news includes a new video from Rosanna of her performing at our last student social at Annabel's, Nixi has been blogging about the new term at Plymouth University and she s managed to sign up lots of new members for the university pole dancing club and Jo is hardcore! Here is a picture of Jo, Tamar, Rosanna and Nixi at a recent staff training session - I like to keep them all busy! Tamar, who is currently our receptionist and a regular student will be joining the team of instructors in December to help out with the growing demand for lessons, it will be a pleasure to have her as part of the team.

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of catching up with art of dance student Nikki Burns who popped in with her 4 week old son Eddy - he slept through most of his visit despite attempts by myself and Jo to wake him, he did wake briefly to enjoy his first visit to a pole dancing studio and he is officially the youngest gentleman to visit the art of dance! We are looking forward to a similar visit from student Penny Scaffold with her latest arrival Ava. Here is a picture of proud mum Nikki with Eddy.
As some of you may be aware there is an unusual occurrence happening in our skies - the sky has taken on a strange shade of blue alongside a bright shining light - apparently it is called Sunshine! I had forgotten what it was but am now making the most of it as my husband and I prepare for our first BBQ of the year with fresh mackerel infused with chilli's, garlic and lemon juice and accompanied by new potatoes and a lettuce, spinach, watercress and tomato salad! - Pictures to follow.

On the subject of gorgeous food I must mention yet another fantastic meal out at the Mussel inn at Down Thomas, I think I may be addicted to their food! It is exactly a week since my husband and I visited this beautiful little pub, I indulged in a starter of avocado and crab with a light salad and a drizzling of truffle oil, my husband had a main course of steak and kidney pie and I tucked into a huge bowl of mussels with a garlic and cream sauce and a side serving of chips! Words cannot describe how good this pub is, the service is extremely friendly and the decor is fresh. My only criticism is the overpowering chemical sprays used to 'freshen' the air in the toilets but other than that the place is faultless.

My husband offered to pay for the meal - see picture above of him flashing his wallet of power! pictured right is the lovely food accompanied by some equally attractive pints of Morland Old Speckled Hen and Fullers London Pride (a favourite of Gordon Sparks).

I am now off to get some extras for the BBQ and am looking forward to enjoying this beautiful day off. I hope that you get to enjoy the sunshine too,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Exciting times! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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