Friday, 3 October 2008

Bizarre blogging

I thought I would start today's blog with some videos that have amused me greatly:

Here is a man and his ring - it's not what you think!
Sweet Canadian Street Performer - Watch more free videos

Here is football with a difference:
Amazing Street Dribbling Skills - Watch more free videos

Today's blog is a break from my usual topic of pole dancing as I wanted to let you know about a few things that are happening in and around Plymouth, if you are not lucky enough to live here then you should move! Let's see if I can write the whole blog without resorting to pole dance stuff!

Firstly - Salsa: Like pole dancing (oops- I mentioned pole dancing!) there are some great schools and some awful ones, If you want to Salsa in Plymouth then there is only one place to go - Ask the Lordette of darkness herself (that is how she met the Badger aka her lovely husband). Abanico Salsa (some of you may know this company as Salsa South West) has venues across the South West and provide weekly dance classes as well as workshops and social events. Salsa is a great way to lose weight as it demands a good cardio vascular workout. For more info contact Dave or Angus - or visit their website.

If salsa isn't your thing or you just fancy a day of pampering then look no further than Buckland Abbey's Ladies day, I won't be there as it is the day of the Miss Pole dance competition! (oops- more pole dancing mentions!) The day will be held in the grounds of Sir Francis Drakes former home and includes makeovers and manicures as well as local produce and crafts and jewelery. Admission is only £2, the event starts at 10.30am and finishes at 4pm.

Great news for Plymouth Argyle fans as the team start to race up the table, they had a great win over Nottingham Forest on Saturday, I would like to think that the recent spell of success is partly due to the increased attendance of fans, this is partly due to the mobile advertising that has been travelling around the city - if you haven't seen it or heard it then you must live outside of Plymouth.

If you are at a loose end on Sunday and fancy watching some Thai boxing then why not pop along to the interclub at Saints gym, All are welcome and the event cost only £5 on the door. Champion Christi Campbell will be on hand to offer advice as well her trainer - my lovely husband - Sid Remmer. The event starts at 11.30am.

Lastly if you are feeling a bit flush and fancy giving some money to a good cause then why not doante soem moiney to the charity Action for Children - Art of dance student Drea Lynch - check out her justgiving page! I will be there to take pictures of Drea as she abseils down the side of the civic centre to raise money for the children's charity. I will find out what time she is doing the abseil and let you know -Good Luck and Happy birthday to Drea.

If you have been following Herald's dieting blogger Ellie Hopton then you will have seen pictures of her gorgeous new dog Henry - he is so cute. I have been tempting Ellie into the studio to try some pole dancing so watch this space for more info!! Ellie: if you are reading this why not try a Burlesque session first to ease your way into the pole dancing - I will offer you your first one free!

I promised some of you that I would have some important news last Monday, the news will now be next Monday 6th October so you will just have to wait until then. Will try to blog again on Sunday.

Stay healthy,

Sam x


Anonymous said...

Sam was a bit mistaken, it's the Drake's Circus i'll be abseiling down, hope i don't fall through a window or anything! Drea said...

Sorry Drea, must get my facts right! What time is it? Sam x