Monday, 20 October 2008

More from Miss Pole Dance UK

Well it is back to normality for me today after the recent stress of the national finals. I ventured out briefly on Saturday for Mel & Mia's fabulous 30th birthday but was extremely tired so didn't stay out long. Here are some pictures from the night, Jo & I are pictured right and Mel, Rosanna & Mia are pictured below left. Everyone looked amazing! There are many more pictures on Mia's facebook album As the costumes were so stunning we are going to arrange an art of dance social with the same theme very soon - Watch this space.

On the subject of Rosanna you may want to check out her blog features her Exeter student Nicole Windley performing at Annabel's discotheque in August 2008

If any of you were not booked in for this Tuesday's lesson due to the presence of the film crew then fear not as the crew won;t be down till later in the week and will not be filming lessons till next week.

For more details about Miss Pole Dance 2008 check Puss's blog, it explains why Tracey didn't win! The picture shown at the top of the blog is of myself and the rest of the competitors at Miss Pole Dance UK 2008- I am the one far left.

Did I mention that I had the coolest Mum in the world - how many of your parents have seen Pantera in the flesh doing a death lay? I also observed my mum talking to a pole dance teacher during the competitions and discussing the various moves in great technical detail with my Mum explaining that the Gemini was still her favourite move! This is what my Mum witnessed. Here are a few pictures of Pantera taken during her 10 minute showcase at the end of the evening, the first is the elusive death lay and the second is Pantera new take on her old bow and arrow pose. I must take this opportunity to welcome Pantera to the art of dance facebook group.

Jo is on the road to recovery but I want to wish her get well anyway - get well soon Jo!

Before I sign off to beast my students for the next 2 hours I wanted to draw your attention the the following article which I found on the internet whilst searching for pictures of this years competition, you can read my comment below the offending article to get my viewpoint. I just hate the assumption that pole dancing is all about dancing for men.

Stay healthy,

Sam x


bambi said...

ooo! I had to comment on said article too what a load of tripe !

Anonymous said...

I've begun to pole dance and I am loving it to the tenth power. I would like to become an instructor myself and was wondering if you had any tips on how to go about doing this? said...

FAO Queen, if you can e-mail me at I can give you lots of info,

Sam x

Pantera Blacksmith said...

Thanks for the mini review.
Better late than never, no?