Friday, 7 March 2008

Women's Health Fair.

Women's health Fair is always a great day for us and yesterday certainly did not disappoint us. The day started with us going on a mad exhibiting run dancing pretty much non stop from 10am till 4pm (nearly started late after silly me forgot the top to the x-pole!) At midday we realised that we would need to slow down if we were going to make it 4pm. I decided to have wander round the various exhibitions to give my already aching muscles a rest. The first stall I visited was the nutrition stall run by Kate Chibnall, Kate was providing valuable dietary advice as well as giving out lots of nice freebies such as spicy cashew nuts. I will be writing a blog in the near future with more comments on nutrition.

My next port of call was the Women's running network who have invited my self and Jo to speak at their forthcoming AGM in Bristol, the group encourage women to get back into exercise as well as providing a valuable social network, a great project.

Exhibiting right next to us and being brave enough to have a go on the pole were the ladies from wear any wear, the company promotes safe sex through fashionable (and comfortable) underwear. Each item has hidden pocket for you to stash anything from a condom to a key! Their products also eliminate the dreaded visible panty line and to make things even better their hotpant sets are ideal for pole dancing.

I also found the time to chat to Tracey Mitchell a sports therapist and Bowen Technique practitioner, I have booked an hours sports massage with her tomorrow at 3pm which I am thoroughly looking forward to and after all the exertion yesterday I think I more than deserve it.

The general attitude towards our pole dancing exhibition was amazing, apart from one lady all we got was praise for our strength an agility. Lots of people were courageous enough to try their skills out on the pole which gave Jo & I a bit of a break.

Other exhibitors included representatives from the NHS who were running general health checks such as checking blood pressure and body mass index. I chatted to the lovely Jan Potter who was in attendance as part of the NHS team.

There were so many valuable projects and business's that I simply can't mention ll of them, I will say a big Thank you to the Eddystone Trust for organising such a worthwhile event and in particular my thanks go out to Dana from the Eddystone trust who was personally responsible for the whole event and who made an effort to speak to all the exhibitors. It is so important that we have these kinds of events in Plymouth and we at the art of dance are honored to be involved. I am already looking forward to next years event!

Finally a massive thank you to Jo (pictured above) who danced beautifully as always and who is probably feeling as fragile as me today and also thanks to Nixi, Rosanna and Sue for popping in to support us. we also had the pleasure of seeing some of our students at the event which was great.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Anonymous said...

Hello Sam

I was gutted that I missed it. I have been doing extra time at work and couldn't manage a long lunch break. I would have loved to have come and supported you guys and had a mosey round the stands.
See you soon

AmyTree said...

I am glad it went well! I couldn't get out of work but I thought about you both...

ArtofdanceJo said...

You're most welcome, I absolutely loved it, as always - the women were so supportive, especially the Silver Ladies! One thing though - my thighs look really large in that photo! Oh well, disempowerment and all that.....

xxxx said...

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments, look forward to catching up with you all soon,

JO - your thighs look fine but you look quite old in the top photo!

Sam x x

Nicola said...

Loving the pictures Sam, i hope you both are not in pain any more and your grazes have healed! You two are just full on hard core pole dancing extremists!LOL
See you soon sweet xxxx