Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Women's Health Fair.

Well for those of you who don't already know tomorrow is Women's Health Fair at the Plymouth Guildhall (the Guildhall is a particularly special place for me as it is where I got married - more on that in a minute). I love performing at the Women's health Fair, it is a great open minded day with lots to keep you entertained and whilst you are there you can get a general health check. Myself and some of my other instructors will be performing throughout the day in the top bar and there will be other acts such as Rosie, belly dancing and Plymouth Music Zone will be providing a singing workshop. There will also be representative from Plymouth Chiropractic Centre to provide massage and Reiki plus much much more. Unfortunately it is women only so sorry blokes, no freebies for you!

Going back to the Guildhall, My husband and I fought hard to get a wedding license for the Guildhall and yet still it seems there is little promotion of the building as a wedding venue and little money spent on keeping the building up to date. The tower is condemned despite the fact it could be a fabulous spot for tourists and locals to look at the city from an amazing viewpoint. The kitchens have been removed so if you want to run an event there you have to bring in outside caterers which makes any venture more costly. The bar is also run externally so if you do hire the venue any bar profits go to a private landlord rather then going back into the council funds and therefore going back to us the taxpayers. The toilets are damp, mouldy and crumbling and yet the building is still extremely expensive to hire. It seems such a shame as I adore the venue and spent many school speech days there even if my mind did wander as I admired the stone figures on the ceiling of the main hall (If you have seen these naked figures you will know what I mean!). I know this is not a health and fitness issue but as a Plymouthian it is something I feel passionate about.
Hope to see some of you at the Women's Health fair tomorrow,
Stay Healthy,
Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Good luck with the performance. As to the building, get that Rhys-Jones fellow on the case!

Puss said...

Hi Puss,

Hope you are well? I think I will be taking this building thing as a bit of a moral crusade!

Sam x