Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter blog

Well today is Easter Sunday and my husband and I have the exciting job of repairing various bits of our business's starting with assembling a scaffold rig at Saints Gym to house an array of punchbags followed by some filling of holes in my dance studio ready for the addition of some new equipment!! We had decided to take the whole weekend off but as you have probably gathered that hasn't quite happened (and we worked 11am til 3pm yesterday!)!

Despite working I am enjoying my Easter Sunday as I have a large Easter Egg (pictured left- fairtrade and organic of course.) waiting patiently for me at home, As I am not religious the pagan connotations of the traditional egg suit me down to the ground and as my husband pointed out Easter gives us a chance to celebrate the arrival of spring or more importantly the end of Winter! No more Seasonal Affective disorder, brighter evenings and the prospect of some temperature increases. All good for my health.

I am hoping that Tuesday will be the start of my new Cross training regime, I feel that I have hit a point with my Pole dancing where I need to seriously consider which styles and tricks to develop, as you know I have been looking at other pole arts such as Chinese pole and Mallakhamb to find new moves and combinations for my pole dancing. I have seen a couple of moves that I would like to achieve which are going to involve being a lot stronger than I am currently, no doubt that will involve lots of new bruises. On the subject of pole dancing I would like to wish a very warm welcome to the newest addition to my wonderful staff team, Kelly Shaw has joined us to cover Torquay and Exeter, more news to follow on Kelly soon.

If you want to catch up on my other instructors to see what they are up to then click on my new instructor blogs page for more information, I built the new page yesterday and am happy with the results of a few hours programming.

I wanted to briefly mention news from some Argyle fans I met yesterday who were airing concerns about the stewards at Argyle. It is not the first time I have been made aware of the fans dissatisfaction with the way they are treated by the Argyle stewards, what is ironic is the way the fans praise all the other grounds they visit for their good stewardsmanship ( not sure if that is a word or not but it sounds good?). It seems Argyle have introduced a rule where you are not allowed to stand in the terraces, two fans in particular where asked to sit down yesterday so that the 7 year old girl behind them could see the match, so why wasn't the 7 year old girl in the families enclosure? The idea is that the family enclosure is a safer environment for children so they are not exposed to some of the more rowdy football chants. I do feel sorry for the genuine Argyle fans without whom Argyle would simply not survive. It seems like a bad situation when Argyle fans would rather watch their own team play away from home. Is this just another example of our human rights slowly disappearing.

Leading on from my concerns about Argyles stewards I noticed an article in yesterdays Herald that caught my eye, Columnist Jenn Wentworth comments on issue's of human rights and her article is entitled 'What happened to our freedoms', click here to read the full story, nice one Jenn.

My final whinge of the day involves two stories that I read in this weeks herald, the first was about a waitress who had been sacked by text and the second was the story of a young soldier who had lost three limbs whilst serving in Afghanistan, OK so the waitress shouldn't have been sacked by text or groped but has the story not been blown out of all proportion? The lady concerned has applied for£100,000 in damages, I know she went through a certian amount of stress but there is nothing to stop her getting another job or to affect her on a permanent basis yet in a harsh comparison the soldier who has lost three limbs and who will be affected for the rest of his life has only been offered £214,000 in compensation, Perhaps the waitress would like to offer her damages to the commando?

A quick congratulations to Neil Shaw and everyone who contributes to the this is Plymouth website on winning a media innovation award - excellent news.

Well I am now off to fill some holes and measure up some troughs, what a glamorous life I lead, pictures to follow of my very own Easter chick (he is actually 14 days old now - all will be explained later). I hope you all have a great Easter weekend and find more time off than me! To all my students - be warned I am feeling particularly active so expect harsh session plans this week.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


ArtofdanceJo said...

I know what you're doing to the Studio and I'm afraid to come to work now :(

xxxx said...

FAO Jo, It is not what you think, that will be happening on Wednesday or Thursday,

Sam x x

AmyTree said...

Aww... so no Tuesday? Need to do SOMETHING to work off all this chocolate!!

Glamourpuss said...

We celebrated the beginning of Spring with snow...

I quail to think of the tricks you're trying to master...