Thursday, 27 March 2008

My brilliant GP.

The last week has been an interesting one for me, If any of my students have noticed me being a little quieter than normal it was due to the fact that I thought I might be pregnant for some people this would be fantastic news but for me it came as a huge shock. I thought I couldn't have kids due to a comment made by a gynaecologist a few years ago during treatment for endometriosis.

I had made an appointment but did not relish the thought of visiting a GP as some of my dealings with medical staff have been less than satisfactory, Some staff (mostly male) have been very unsympathetic towards my ailments and have brought me close to tears, I called the surgery and made an appointment with GP Dr Sarah Cole of Beaumont Villa Surgery. Dr Cole was not only extremely supportive but treated me as an individual responding to both my physical symptoms as well as my emotional concerns. Dr Cole offered me practical advice and support.

The outcome of the whole scenario is that I am not pregnant which is great (the thought of giving up pole dancing for 9 months was killing me!) and the fact that I have the most fantastic GP, other GP's should seriously take a note out of Dr Cole's book. I will await the results of blood tests to be taken in a few weeks to check I am not experiencing an early menopause but other than that it is back to some serious pole dancing and some nursing of my hangover after I went out drinking to celebrate not being with child!

A huge thank you to Dr Cole and the team at Beaumont Villa Surgery for restoring some of my faith in the NHS.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

Sounds like congratulations are in order! (They would have been either way, you know, but it's good to know you're happy with the outcome.)

Anonymous said...

It certainly is horrible having something playing on your mind. I'm glad things have settled.

I have been lucky so far and don't need to see a doctor very often but when I do I'm registered at Plympton Health Centre, Mudge Way. Everyone I have seen there, male or female, has been friendly and re assuring and the nurses are wonderful. It is a good thing to have support when it comes to your health and to find someone you are comfortable with.

Yes my arms are still aching from Tuesdays session! It was fun though.

Ziggy x