Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Short blog.

Just a quick update from Friday night at Annabel's, Thanks to Nixi for the picture she sent me of me performing my favourite move - Knee conditioning or the knees as it is more commonly known. You can see some more pictures on Nixi's facebook. More picture and video to follow.

I must admit the move shown in the picture is not exactly good for your knees and I only recommend doing it occasionally unless you want an early knee replacement operation. It does look very impressive though so I tend to save it for exhibitions and competitions. Talking of exhibitions, some of you will remember the decision made by Plymouth University to prevent me from performing at their dance,dance,dance event, click here for the full story. Just to make matters worse some of my students had bought tickets to come and watch me at the event and now they are being told their tickets are non-refundable - shame on the organisers for making yet another unfair decision.

I have only just realised the time, I am teaching in 45 minutes and am far from ready so will keep this blog exceedingly short and try to write more tomorrow when I have time.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

I was thinking of going to that event too - and now I'm not, just for the principle of it. (Possibly an example of what my dad calls 'biting off my nose to spite my face' but there is a case to be made, I feel).
Fantastic photo!!