Monday, 10 March 2008

Lazy blog

After a rather sleepless night and a period from hell, my motivation levels are at rock bottom today, Luckily Jo has agreed to cover my lessons tonight so I can concentrate on less demanding admin. As I am feeling quite so lazy I thought I would share my new favourite video with you, Prepare to be amazed at this show of agility and strength!

Hope you haven't been too badly effected by the bad weather, Even our very own Nixi has been affected - she is currently awol, I am assuming she is stuck in Paris due to the flight delays??

Lastly thanks to the gorgeous Black Thunder Amy for this pic of me and Jo at last weeks Women's Health Fair.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

Did you see me?? Near the end, in the blue...
They used that man as a JUMPROPE!!! That was amazing - which masterclass do we learn that in?

Anonymous said...

And a certain amount of throwing small ladies round like rag dolls. Blimey!! That's just crazy stuff. I think if that did appear on a masterclass day there is a strong chance you may be on your own amytree.

Thank you for sharing Sam, it's quite inspirational but I shall probably only get as far as watching something like that. It always amazes me how controlled they are.

Ziggy x