Saturday, 29 March 2008

Name that bird

Here is the latest addition to my menagerie of animals, he (or she) is about 20 days old and getting impatient in the nest box. He is one of 24 cockatiels, 2 golden mantel rosellas and many wild mice that live in my aviary. I started rescuing animals when I was 15 after a friend of the family discovered bird by the side of the road, most of the other birds came from Woodside Animal Rescue Centre. Looking after my animals is of great benefit to my mental well being and they provide endless entertainment.
Basically I am looking for suggestions for what to call the newcomer to my aviary, preferably a unisex name as it will be another week or so before I can determine his gender. All suggestions gratefully received and more pictures to follow.

Today is a relaxing day for me, no work as I was meant to be taking some items to the tip but have been deterred by the rain and general greyness. I feel that a rest is more than deserved after the mammoth staff training session yesterday. I was accompanied by Jo, Rosanna, Nixi and Hayley who joined me for a staff meeting, staff training and then an hour's Pole jam where we joined by our lovely receptionist Mia. Everyone worked really hard and I was made very aware of just what a fantastic staff team I have. What really struck me was how much everyone has progressed, not only in their ability to handle difficult mixed ability classes but also in their own personal performances.
Jo amazed us all with combinations such as Shoulder mount to Brass Monkey, Rosanna performed her signature Plank as well as some fantastic hands free handstand poses, Nixi, flexible as ever, demonstrated a bat into the splits (I am very jealous!) and Hayley wowed us with her straight edge and amazingly controlled reverse shoulder mount. If you want to see these moves in action I will be posting the two new videos we recorded in tomorrows blog, Prepare to be amazed.

On Tuesday & Wednesday I will be catching up with Burlesque babe
Georgina Gale (aka Sue) and Kelly Shaw to video them too. Videos to follow later in the week.

Just a few bits of other news today, I noticed a great comment in yesterdays Herald in a
Martin freeman interview with Lesley Coulton, Lesley makes the more than valid point when answering the following question - 'You represent the university on the body looking at the Life Centre. It'll be too late for real 2012 training, though."It probably is. But in terms of elite athletes, it's not only about facilities. Tom Daley has trained in the Central Park pool which has been adapted. It's more about excellent coaches and support like diet and strength and conditioning."' As most of you probably know I not the proposed life centres biggest fan and I am glad that Lesley has recognised that it is not just luxurious facilities that get winners in sport.

Well the time has come to don my fleecy dressing gown and matching socks, settle down on the sofa and nurse my rather poorly husband who is in a serious amount of pain and generally feeling pretty rough. Also Hope the lovely
Amytree is feeling a little less sore after my evil class on Tuesday.

Stay Healthy & Get well soon to Sid

Sam x


AmyTree said...

Egon! (I'm a big Ghostbusters fan) Could be a boy or a girl, I suppose - and the hairdo is spot on (if you ever watched the cartoon version...).
I'm feeling very well today, thanks - if a little tired. Went to Totnes for lunch and a bit of a solo day out, but had pouring rain to contend with as well. Back home now, in my own fleecy dressing-gown, much comfier... x

ArtofdanceJo said...

Grinch! Not so good if it's a girl. Grinchette, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

piffle - im not ill

more slanderous lies!

thanks for the gorgeous roasty x

Nicola said...

Awww, that chick is soo cute!!
I can't think of a name though.
Looking forward to the master class on Sat, should be fun, but don't worry. i won't be bending you in half just yet :-)