Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Vote for me!

Firstly thanks to Jo for her ongoing support both on a business and personal level. I have just received the picture shown left, it was taken at the nationals in Brighton and it reminded me what a great support she was on the night.
Secondly please vote for me - I have been nominated by one of my students for a Pride of Plymouth award in the arts and culture section. If you would like to vote for me then click here.

I am still feeling rather tired today and am glad that I do not have to do any Pole work today. I will be teaching tomorrow after some rather unfortunate news from Rosanna. Rosanna is one of our Plymouth instructors and she also teaches for us in Exeter, unfortunately her dad was diagnosed with Motor neurone disease some time ago and today she received the dreaded phone call that she should travel to Bedford to say her goodbyes. It must be such a bad time for her and her family and I can't possibly imagine what she must be going through. My thoughts are with Rosanna at this difficult time. If you want to know more about MND or would like to donate to an MIND charity then click here. Please leave supportive comments on Rosanna's blog so she knows we are all thinking about her.

The situation with Rosanna's dad just reminds me that life can be so short, We really should make the most of it and not take our health for granted. I say that with a small feeling of guilt as I did consume slightly more alcohol last night than I had intended however I have eaten well and have been exercising furiously over the last few weeks so I shouldn't feel too bad.

My last bit of news is my failed experiment with banana skins, despite my enthusiasm the application of fresh banana skins does not seem to have helped my dry skin, it is a messy process involving your skin turning black as the banana skin oxidises. Apologies to Jo and anyone else who followed my advice and spent time sat caked in banana! Lets hope the moon cup proves to be more of a success!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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