Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Talk to me!

No reason for the adjacent dog picture apart from its cuteness factor and I thought it makes my blog look more appealing. Perhaps it might make some of you communicate more, many of you tell me you read my blog, you know what I ate for breakfast but you fail to write in the comments section - shame on you! Get writing and let me know what is good and what is rubbish about my blog!
If you don't write then I will continue to rant and rave endlessly which is a bit like talking to myself which is the first sign of insanity. So send me comments or else!

Health findings for today - Magnolia is the new cure for bad breath - according to new research magnolia cures more bacteria than mint alone and the findings are so impressive that Wrigley's and other manufacturers are rushing to add magnolia to their products.

Lose weight by sleeping more
? Apparently increasing your sleep by 1-2 hours a night will help you lose weight, the study I read today does carry some mixed messages and doesn't quite explain how the increased sleep pattern works but the idea is that by sleeping more you will be less hungry. What the research fails to tell us is why people sleep less in the first place, busy lifestyles and stress play a big part in whether we get enough sleep and a classic sign in over eaters is comfort eating late at night and sleeplessness so it is difficult to prove cause or effect. I personally sleep a lot due to my Gilbert's Syndrome, is this the reason that I have a small appetite? Or is it just coincidence?

Just in case you don't know what Gilbert's Syndrome is it is a fairly harmless condition that affect about 1 in 50 people and is usually diagnosed by accident through routine blood tests, generally GS is not a problem but can be worsened by stress and alcohol. One of the main complaints is being tired which is my argument for sleeping so much.

Last comment of today - Can fat teens hunt? - if you didn't watch the programme last night on BBC 3 then please try to get an opportunity to watch some of the rest of the series, it is great, the programme not only tackles the issues of obesity but the social and environmental problems that bad diet leads to - I will comment more on it later!
Must dash off to teach some spinning pole classes - sick bucket at the ready for those students who do not take well to these classes. Comments welcome please, if not just enjoy the cute dog picture.

Stay healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Ooh yes, spinny pole - blech.


sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

Hi Puss,

Just the person I need to speak to, can you e-mail me at sam@theartofdance.co.uk, I have something to ask you! Hope you had fun at genevieve's studio on saturday.

Sam x

AmyTree said...

That is certainly a cute puppy! I will swap you for some cute guinea pig pictures...
I am cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night! The actual day is Thursday but a mid-week feast without the next day off work can be a bit of an issue - turkey and all the trimmings coming up!
(Enjoy your Friday, by the way - I expect a full report!)