Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Animal Health.

While my husband is in Thailand I am manning both his business and my own and it certainly eats into my day. I left the office today feeling like there was still loads to do but as I am fighting of a bug I know that rest and sleep is important so that I can perform well at work. In addition to my immune system feeling particularly weak it looks like my cat has Cat Leukemia, Leukemia is a nasty virus which affects both cats and humans. I am very familiar with the effects of Leukemia as my uncle died of bone marrow leukemia.

Leukemia , when diagnosed, is either chronic (slow to progress) or aggressive (fast acting). I have my fingers crossed that my cat has a chronic form so that I can enjoy a few more years of her life. The only saving grace is that with animals we can choose to end their life with minimal suffering whereas with humans we are denied the right to Euthanasia. Like many cancers the drugs used to treat Leukemia can have horrible side effects and usually reduces the lifespan of the patient. I have always had a soft spot for all animals and my cat and my menagerie of birds are all rescues from Woodside Animal Sanctuary. My cat had such a hard start to her life, being re homed in her first 4 months of life, suffering cat flu and falling three storeys out of my attic window straight onto the pavement below. Lets hope she still has a few lives left.

Well tomorrow promises to be another hectic day in the office, I miss my husband immensely and can't wait for his return. I have decided to do some serious ab training over the next few weeks so my husband has a pleasant surprise on his home coming. My alcohol consumption has been a little higher than it should be and my stomach is the first to remind me that a beer belly is neither attractive or healthy!

More remotely health and fitness related rantings to follow.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

One of my cats caught FLV at a shelter and subsequently died. I was horrified to find that most shelters do not screen cats for the virus and house infected animals with uninfected ones. The irony being, of course, that when the animals are re-homed, the charity urges you to vaccinate against FLV. In our case, vaccination was to late; Mr Whipple was already infected.


sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

I am pleased to report that Kye is remarkably better, gonna make the most of her while she is still well!

I think I still feel slightly guilty that I cried more when my dog died than when any of my family or friends have died. My dog was amazing.

Sam x

AmyTree said...

We clung to each other and wept over a goldfish - he was wonderful...