Wednesday, 11 July 2007


What a difference a bit of sunshine makes, without making you too jealous I am writing todays blog from a secluded villa in the Eastern Algarve. The temperature today is 36 degrees and the sky is the most beautiful shade of blue. I can hear the buzz of crickets and the occasional woodpecker. The view stretches out across the mountains as far as the eye can see and my stress levels seem to have completely vanished. My good mood is only boosted by the small three month old kittens playing next to me.

If this is not good for my health then I do not know what is. The diet here is also great, plenty of fresh fish and vegetable markets selling a glorious array of produce, fresh juice vendors and what is even better is it all so cheap so my purse is feeling a little more healthy as well. As for my fitness I think my muscles are getting a well earned rest after some gruelling training in the studio recently. For a change I am not covered in pole dancing bruises either.

So how can I take this feeling back to the UK with me? Hopefully I will be feeling energised and motivated on my return, Maybe there will be some sunshine in the UK on my return and not the grey skies that I viewed on my dearture. Surely my Vitamin D levels will be boosted after my time in the sun? Perhaps there will be no nasty bills or letters on my doorstep when I return home.

Well I suppose I should return to the sun terrace to make the most of my last night here. Perhaps I will find room for a few bottles of Sagres bohemia, a beautiful portugese beer, accompanied with some fresh olives, tomatoes and barbecued tiger prawns. Of course I am also drinking copious amounts of still mineral water and various fruit juices to make sure I am thoroughly hydrated.

Hope I am not sounding too smug and look forward to writing again on my return to Plymouth.

Stay healthy,

Sam x


Neil Shaw said...

Sounds fantastic, bring us some of that sunshine back

Bert & Flo Handmade said...

OMG sounds lovely! The fruit and veg abroad are sooo much tastier than here ... who knows, we may get a summer yet?! xElaine