Friday, 13 July 2007


I stated that I would bring some sunshine back from my recent visit to Porugal but I seem to have failed in my task in fact the weather seems to have deteriorated since my return. I thought instead I would try and find some fascinating anecdotes for health and fitness to motivate you all but, alas, my search has failed.

So today I set about the task of reading 10 new health reports trying to find some inspiring facts but all I have found is contradiciton about what is actually good for you. One report suggests that a pint of milk a day will improve your metabolism and help you fight illness in old age, another report suggested that childrens health was not improved long term by increasing their intake of food and vegetables. Report after report of vague advice and conflicting evidence. This all left me with the feeling that my blog was doomed and I simply had very little to write about with confidence.

It set me thinking about what I try to teach to my students and that for me exercise is not just about a monotonous regime. Instead it is about socialising, having fun, keeping my muscles in shape, improving my breathing and leaving each class with a smile on my face. Just seeing a student achieve a new technique on the pole is as great as learning a new move myself. I am the only one who likes exercising? Is it really true that Plymouthians are among the laziest citizens in the World - please prove the statistics wrong!

Go out there and excel at something that hopefully will be good for you. I mean, a burger eating marathon may not be the ideal thing and please don't throw your money away at get fit quick schemes, simply paying for a monthly gym membership does not mean that you will actually go the gym or use its facilities whilst you are there. Try something different to motivate your self and give yourself some escape from your normal routine. Lastly be careful when trying new activities -

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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