Saturday, 21 July 2007

Sugar & Nerves.

I am a little nervous today as I performing tonight at Annabel's Cabaret and discotheque. Normally I would not be so nervous but the low ceiling height at the venue means my performance will be quite restricted and that worries me a little. Despite my nerves I am determined to do my best. My mum always said that as long as I did my best then that was more important than winning or losing. So I will give my performance everything I have even if it isn't my best ever. To ensure my performance does go as well as possible I will take a few smoothies with me to keep my sugars up throughout the evening. This will stop me feeling faint and keep my energy levels high. I will report back tomorrow on how the evening goes. Good luck to Jo to as I know she is a s nervous as me!

Whilst on the subject of sugars I noticed a new scientific study looking at the effects of over eating, exercising and insulin responses within the brain. If you reduce your food intake, eat sensibly and exercise more then the peripheral tissues are more sensitive to insulin therefore you need less of it. Apparently this means that you will live longer. This may not seem like ground breaking research but it does support the ongoing arguments that it is not good to be overweight, and it is important to exercise. All these issues do link strongly to the effects and causes of Diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that means the body can't produce any insulin or can't produce enough depending on which type you have. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes each year is rising and in particular GP's are becoming concerned with the amount of children being diagnosed with the condition. If you would like more information on diabetes why not visit the diabetes uk charity website.

Basically if you are going to ingest sugar then try to make sure it is in it's most natural form, this is where natural fruit smoothies are good for you. Try to avoid any product that has added sugar. Microwave meals are a classic culprit and fizzy drinks and products such as tomato ketchup tend to be packed full of sugars and other nasty additives.

Well I must sign off now as I have things to do before tonight's performance. Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you at Annabel's' tonight.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

Best wishes for tonight - we'll be cheering for you!!!