Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Automatic parking - whatever next!

Apparently some new cars will now be fitted with automatic parking units that will park your car for you, I am sorry but if you can't park your car then you should not be driving. How lazy are we going to become when we need a computer to do a basic task for us. Don't get me wrong, I think computers are great but there are some things that we shoud be able to do for ourselves and parking really is one of them. I suppose it is a bit like gym equipment such as treadmills, I can think of nothing worse than spending half an hour on a tread mill when I could be out walking.

It makes me shudder to think that our whole society is becoming increasingly lazy and that we are actually buying these ridiculous gadgets thinking that they will make our life better. I am sure that the opposite is true. How many people have bought items such as cross trainers, stuck them in the spare room and then rarely used them. You only have to visit your local charity shop to find a huge array of unwanted gym equipment and if you are going to but such things then why not save yourself money and help out a local charity.

Using such equipment can make your exercise regime more monotonous and therefore less likely to actually happen. Of course some of you may be thinking that you enjoy using a treadmill or that you do use your exercise bike at home on a regular basis and if that works for you then that is great but for the majority of us fitness fads and gimicky gym items just burn a hole in our pocket rather than burning calories.

Exercising at home has always been a delicate issue, for some of us we need to be motivated and that does not always happen when you exercise at home. Of course exercise could be as simple as doing the household chores (sorry - not the most exciting workout!) or burning calories in the bedroom is always a winner!

Seeing the sun is now gracing us with its presence then why not get outside and walk somewhere. It is at this point that I should remind you to protect yourself against the sun. We are lucky enough to have a lovely outdoor pool in Plymouth so why not use it, after all it is your tax that has paid for it so why not get your money's worth. I would love some feedback from you all on a nice way to get out, exercise and have some fun all at the same time. One of my students joked with me yesterday about spending a relaxing day at Whitsand's beach and then enduring the horrendous climb back up to the car park, I can't think of a better exercise for your little legs than that lovely steep cliff path.

Wednesday is normally my day off but seeing I went on holiday last week I thought I better put some hours in, However I may find time later for a quick spin round the pole and a brisk walk to the pub. Remember you don't have to exercise for hours at a time, every little helps and little and often can actually be better for you than overdoing it in a single session.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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