Monday, 9 November 2009

Work blog

At present it seems like it is all work and no play. Despite supposedly having the weekend off I have been checking e-mails, doing research for various projects and editing video footage which hardly counts as time off work! I did find time to have a much needed sports massage on Saturday with the lovely Tracey Mitchell. Tracy realised quite how knotted my muscles were and applied some Bowen technique to the worst areas. I now  feel like I have new shoulders!

On Friday night our beautiful Burlesque goddess Georgina Gale aka Sue performed at the Duke of Cornwal hotel in Plymouth. She was fabulous as always. Here is her performance:

At long last I finally have, in my hand, the first instructional pole dancing DVD from the art of dance. The DVD will be officially released tomorrow and will coincide with the release of the eagerly awaited footage from our 5th Birthday Ball. I will add details to this blog and the website tomorrow afternoon.

Lastly a huge Get Well Soon to the best Mum in the world ever! Hoping to catch up with you very soon and perhaps indulging in some lobster? X

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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