Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Pole Pictures!

Here are my latest pole pictures from Chris Trent at Global Eye Photography. We were just playing around in the studio trying to do something a little different than the standard black and white studio shots I normally do;

I think this is called the aviator but would appreciate any feedback on alternative names??

Me being silly playing Lara Croft - much fun!

Bracket pose

Thanks to Chris for all our pics, you can check out Georgina Gale's burlesque pictures by clicking here and Tamar's new pics by clicking here, I will add Amelia B's pics in the next few days as I don't have her password so I can't hack her blog!

Off to teach my next 2 hours of pole dancing now, have 3 hours a day nearly all of this week  and they are nearly all advanced classes! I expect to be shattered by the time I get to do my pole dance challenge on Friday! Wish me Luck!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

1 comment:

Art of dance Hayley said...

Love your pictures, Really different!
I know the first one as The Cupid, front of the bottom foot around the pole instead of ball of the foot against the pole like the Aviator. I still can't do it! Jealous!!!!