Thursday, 12 November 2009

More Work!

It seems that it is not just me that is busy working: The lovely Jess Leanne Norris from JLN fitness has been busy promoting her fabulous new studio in Westhoughton whilst amazing trickster Deb Riley is busy preparing for her British Pole Dance Academy launch on December 6th as well as taking the fabulous Jenyne Butterfly on a UK tour.For more news on pole dancing in the UK just click here.

Aside from work I am trying to find a little time for a personal MOT and that stared last week with a sports maassage and continues to moorw with an eye test. On Monday I have a GP's appointment for a pending hopsital visit that I am not looking forward to but have put it off for far too long. Hopefully the result of the massage, eye test etc will be an extra fit and healthy me!

Today has been a fairly boring day trying to get my new DVD's ready to send out. The footage from the 5th Birthday bash is finally ready for posting and looks great, it features our student showcase, instructor exhibiton as well as a guest performance by the Gorgeous Miss Glory Pearl (Miss Glory Pearl will be hosting an aerial workshop at the launch of the British Isles pole dance academy too!). The DVD costs just £9 per copy including postage and can be purchased via the events page of my website - just click here and scroll down to buy.

Also released this week is the first art of dance instructional DVD. Our first advanced level DVD focuses on 4 tricks - The Superman, Shoulder mounts, Elbow holds & Cradles. The DVD also includes many different variations on each trick as well as advice for combination tricks too. The DVD costs just £7 including postage and is a great guide to developing and improving your tricks. Just click here and scroll down to buy. We hope to add more DVd's to the range very soon.

Well I must dash of to do an hour's practice on the pole with Rosanna to get some new ideas for a pending showcase for the University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club. The Charity showcase will be held at the students union on 26th November. I still can't decide on a song and am doing my usual thing of finding a song dancing to it 2 or 3 times and then deciding it bores me! Best I make a decison soon.

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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