Saturday, 28 November 2009

Bring it on!

After my very negative blog on Thursday, as predicted, I am back on form and ready to take on anything! Before I blog further I thought I would share some news with from the UPPDC (University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club) charity event held on Thursday to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. The event was held in the student union which proved to be a perfect venue for a pole dancing showcase. The area has a natural stage area and 4 metre high ceiling enabling us to fit a static x-pole rather than having to use the scary freestanding pole. The lighting was a little harsh and made the stage feel like a sauna but luckily I had my gloves so didn't have to worry too much about the hot slippery pole. The audience of approximately 250 people were great and they cheered in all the right places with no innappropriate comment from the males in attendance. The UPPDC committe did some wonderful displays and wowed the crowd before Tamar & I finished the show. I am so proud of the UPPDC committee for organising such a great event and I hope they raised lots of money for charity (I will let you know the final amount as soon as I know). Here is my performance from the night, it was not choreographed but I think I coped OK with making it up as I went along:

The crusade to appeal against Companies House has already begun and I have no intention of taking their decision lying down - more new to follow!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Dana Mayer from Rock n Roll pole in London and Kate Johnstone from Spin City Pole Fitness in Bristol. It was a very productive day and I will let you know the outcome of that meeting in due course. The 3 hour drive back was less enjoyable and the weather insisted on making driving conditions treacherous, I was definitely happy to return home in one piece.

As some of you know Linda Gilroy and I have never been best of friends and her attitude towards the Policing and Crime Bill has really angered me so I thought  rather than getting angry I would do something much more fun! Click here to find out more.

So once again I must succumb to the calls of my fleecy dressing gown and sofa!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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