Sunday, 22 November 2009

Random Sunday Blog

Firstly thanks to Mary Garnett (nee O'Leary) for posting this old school pic on facebook, it made me chuckle! Can you guess which one is me? (The picture was taken during my sixth form at Devonport High School for Girls )

So just a few random things to blog today starting with a huge Happy Birthday to my lovely husband! Hope you liked your presents!

The coming week involves a rather hectic diary so don't expect much blogging from me! I will be busy doing lots of teaching on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (3 hours a day I think), I have some final pole practice to do before my pending performance at the University of Plymouth Student Union on Thursday night (video to follow). On Friday I have to travel to Bristol for a photoshoot with James of Motion Stop Factory followed by a meeting with Kate from Spin City & Dana Mayer from Rock n Roll Pole. In addition to the aforementioned I have lots of admin to do and am still trying to find time to do more work on my new art of dance website, more research on DVD sales, planning and risk assessing our new Sunday PoleJams etc etc, Sadly all this leaves me no time for housework!

Having not had a holiday this year my husband and I decided to raid our meagre savings and book a 2 day break in Padstow. I will blog fully about that nearer the time but can't wait for the 2 day pamper break!

Before I sign off for today I want to say that I am thinking about art of dance pole dancing instructor Tamar Preston who, as I write, will be sat patiently waiting for tonights PoleDivas finals in Manchester. Good Luck Tamar!

Enjoy the stormy weather!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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