Monday, 31 August 2009

Jam & Cheese

After last weeks visit to a cheese fair that wasn't happening, My husband, Mum & I managed to actually visit the genuine Real Cheese Festival yesterday and we now have a fridge full of far too much cheese and very little else! The Festival was great as always but the whole weekend has been a little overshadowed by the grey skies and dampness that have accompanied the bank holiday.

As previously blogged we had a great Pole Jam at the Plymouth main studio. Tamar & I were joined by Miranda from Pole Affinity and Michaeala from Girls of Synergy / Britain's got talent fame. We worked hard, achieved a few new moves and earned some great new bruises too! Here is a short clip from our 2 hour jam;

On Saturday my husband and I decided to eat out at Plymouth eaterie Buffet City, we had seen a poster advertising an all you can eat buffet for £5.99 and thought it was worth sampling. OK, so I am a bit of a food snob and was worried about the existence of MSG in my food amongst other issues but I tried two plates of food nevertheless:

Plate number 1: Sweetcorn soup, Crispy Seaweed, fried rice (no boiled rice on offer unfortunately), Noodles and some mixed veg.
Plate number 2: Veg pancake roll, mixed veg, crispy seaweed, fried rice and 3 sauces - curry, sweet and sour and lemon.
The highlight of the meal for me was the amazing fresh Chinese tea which was simply gorgeous. As I tend not to eat beef or chicken there was very litle else for me to sample apart from the veg dishes but I was happy with the price tag of approx £7 for my two plates of veg, one dish of fruit salad and my delicious pot of green tea.

Well, the bank holiday is slowly drawing to a close so I will sign off for now to enjoy the rest of the day. I hope you have had a fabulous bank holiday despite the truly horrendous weather,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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