Thursday, 27 August 2009

Exciting times?

As you can see I am making up for the lack of blogging last week as well as enjoying the fact that I have a full staff team back in action at long last! I have lots of nice things to look forward to work wise although pre-competition nerves are already starting to take over my life. To add to the competition worry I seem to have lost all my strength over the past few days and am unable to do many of my normal tricks so today I resorted to playing on my gymnastic rings (see video above) to see if that would help in anyway. I put it down to over training so rested yesterday expecting to feel better today but no such luck. Perhaps I am coming down with something or my immune system is fighting something off? Whatever it is I hope the problem sorts itself out before next Saturday (5th September) qualifiers for the Pole Divas championships.

I am hoping that tomorrows pole jam may sort me out although I have a feeling that if my muscles are feeling under the weather already a 3 hour pole jam is not going to make matters any better!

On the subject of pole dancing, as I usually am, Pantera has postponed her pending UK tour and will now be coming over in 2010 instead of 2010. Click here for my recent PDC article on the amazing pole dancer that is Pantera (see picture below)
More news soon,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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