Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Cheese & Chav fighting

This Sunday is really the Real Cheese festival in Tavistock Town hall. Apparently the page I viewed on the What's on South West guide was for last years event! So this Sunday I will be able to stock up on lots of cheeses & Ale, not the healthiest of purchases but very tasty nevertheless.

A little bit of the latest news from the UK fitness industry starting with the latest controversial sport- Chav fighting. The new craze is the brainchild of London independent gym GymBox. As you can imagine there were quite a few complaints about the chav fighting classes as well as the controversial advertising. One leaflet given out by the gym said "The Louder they grunt, the harder they fall. Why hone your skills on punch bags ... when you can deck some chavs", one flyer described the new sport as "Martial Arts with Burberry belts and a fist full of sovereign rings".

GymBox is renowned for it's controversial classes which include bitch boxing and Boob Aerobics! Despite the complaints the advertising standards agency said that they could see that all the promotional material was tongue in cheek and was not meant to be taken seriously. The gym owners have argued that despite the advertising the classes are actually about teaching individuals discipline and respect and that the once individuals start training they soon start to change their attitudes.

I can understand that some people would find the entire concept of chav fighting classes to be offensive however I think that we do need new ways to reach youngsters who go out street fighting and if this sort of concept gets them into a gym environment then it has to be a good thing!

At the art of dance we are hoping to branch out into new areas of development although chav fighting is not within our plans- details to follow!

Off to teach now and gain some more bruises to add to my growing collection of green, black and purple beauties!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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