Monday, 24 August 2009


I can't believe it is over a week since I last blogged. The days have been whizzing past so quickly and I still don't seem to be getting everything done. I would have blogged yesterday but the What's On South West guide advised me that there was a Real Cheese Festival in Tavistock so I had dashed off, with my Husband & Mum, to stock up on cheese only to find that the Cheese Festival is next weekend. Gutted! Still waiting for a response from the What's On guide as to why they still have the wrong dates on their website!!

Luckily on our drive to Tavistock we saw the adverts for the Real Ale Festival at the Royal Oak in Meavy so our trip out was not completley wasted! We managed to stock up on local fresh free range eggs to make up for the lack of cheese!

Talking of Tavistock I have agreed to perform at the pending Tavisrock and Blues Festival on September 19th at the Wharf. I will be performing on stage with AC/DC tribute band Angus and dancing to the classic rock tune 'Back in Black'. The art of dance will be promoting through the day and the event promises to be a great one with a fab line up. The 10 hour event costs just £8 in advance. You can use the link above to contact the box office to get tickets although art of dance students can get discounted tickets direct from me - just e-mail to get your cheap tickets.

In the past week the art of dance has seen several changes including the start of our eagerly awaited Burlesque classes with our Burlesque babes Georgina Gale and Miss Amelia B. My staff team is back up to full strength with Rosanna finally back after illness, Jo back from her holidays & Nixi back doing Flexibility classes, it is so great to have everyone back.

We also have an exciting new director who will help form our Community Interest Venture which is set to be very exciting - more news to follow on the C.I.C and the new director - and a new PR company who are going to help the art of dance with it's expansion projects. Unfortunately the new venture involves tedious amounts of paperwork hence the lack of blogging.

My practice for Pole Divas has not been going very well at all. I still cant find a piece of music that I am happy dancing to and my strength seems to change from day to day with one day being ridiculously strong and the next being pathetically weak! Note to self - must drink less alcohol overt the next week to aid my fitness! Hopefully Fridays pole jam with Miranda from Pole Affinity, Michaela of Britain's got talent & Girls of synergy fame & Emily from Emily's Vertical Art will get my confidence back up.

Anyway will try to blog again tomorrow with all the stuff I have been saving up for you!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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