Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Pole Divas looms (and women's problems - sorry guys!)

I have just over 1 week of practice left for Pole Divas and I am starting to worry. My strength has not been at its best and a very nasty period has hardly inspired me to be on the pole. After my harsh judging at Miss Pole Dance it has knocked my confidence slightly and I am really worried that I will not perform to the best of my ability. My right shoulder, right knee and left elbow are still grumbling, they probably could do with some rest but that ain't about to happen especially with the 3 and half hour pole jam on Saturday at the Plymouth studio.

I think my main concern is that the endometriosis which plagued me in my teens and twenties is returning with avengance. The pain is increasing month by month, the heavy flow is increasing again and the result is more tiredness and a general fear of returning to the GP. I have pretty much run out of treatment options having had 3 laparoscopies, 2 courses of Zolidax, tried nearly every contraceptive treatment, Chinese medicine etc etc.

Still things could be an awful lot worse so it is back to the pole for an hour with Tamar to try to perfect our routines.
I have decided on which song i am going to dance to and it is Sam Sparro - black and gold (Island records),. After my slating at MPD I have decided to go back to my original style and aim for pure femininity and grace and if the judges don't like that then tough! I will have my husbands family in the audience so I hope they will enjoy the performance!

Off to battle with period cramps and pole dancing!!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Have I missed something? Did you get slated at MPD? By whom? I thought you were great, lovely one.

Looking forward to seeing you at Divas.

Puss xx

AmyTree said...

Ooh it's my favorite favorite song at the minute!!! Excellent choice. (You'll be beautiful, you know...)