Monday, 3 November 2008

An early start

It is not usual for me to be up at 7.30am but today I had the pleasure of being on air with Gordon Sparks (pictured left) to further my crusade to improve perceptions of fitness pole dancing. Prior to me, Gordon was interviewing Chief Superintendent Jim Webster (pictured below right), Jim is at the forefront of the battle to enforce new legislation for 'pole dancing' clubs and I have been keen to chat to him for some time. Before I had he chance to ask Jim offered the chance to meet with him to discuss current and new legislation but also to ensure that any new legislation for pole dancing has no negative consequence for my industry. I look forward to meeting with Jim and will keep you posted on any progress that we make.

After my chat with Jim, I spent half an hour with Gordon talking mainly about pole dancing but venturing off the subject to mention real ale and my husband. After such an entertaining start to the day it is back to normality as I try to locate my plumber so he can fix my broken boiler, we have had no hot water or heating all weekend and I really need a bath!

Yesterday I spent most of the day uploading information to my new website - the pole dance community - the website is not available for public viewing yet but I hope it will be a valuable tool in bringing together the fitness pole dancing industry and in moving the industry forwards. Watch this space.

I am not teaching today as it is an admin day so be warned that the Lordette of Darkness herself will be at the helm and ready to beast all the students as usual! In Exeter Rosanna will be doing much of the same!

Off to do some more work on the pole dance community site before venturing into the office to tackle the day to day admin before commencing some more vigorous training on Tuesday!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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