Monday, 24 November 2008

Pole Diva national finals 2008

I have just got home after my weekend away in Bradford and then Manchester for the pole divas championships 2008. The weekend in Bradford was lovely and gave me the opportunity to try to relax a bit before the competition. Sid's mum took us to Akbars in Bradford for a fantastic curry, I had the King Prawn Special which was really tasty but I failed to eat much as pre comp nerves were starting to take their toll and I was feeling quite sick! Breakfast didn't go down much better despite my efforts to eat as much as possible during the morning. I opted for two carb based energy drinks and some nuts to see me through the afternoon.

As I am so tired today that I will have to blog fully tomorrow, I will tell you that I did not make the top 2 positions for the professional section and will have to wait and see my final overall score and placing. Tamar danced in the amateur advanced section and did the art of dance proud, she was graceful, fluid and elegant, she also failed to make the top 2. There was strong competition for both Tamar and I and I did not envy the job of the judges. You can see the results on Puss's blog. I must thank my husband for looking after me so well during the weekend, he even gave me massage before I went on to stage to help my muscles perform to their max - Thanks Sid!! More pictures and info to follow when I have had some more sleep - hope you like my performance!

Just found a link! Check out the fabulous performance by the very lovely Annie Norris from Pure Pole, Annie came 2nd.


AmyTree said...

Ahhhh... wow! That was so, so beautiful!!!!!! Wow. Awesome Sam - well done!!!!

ArtofdanceJo said...

I reckon that's the best I've seen you dance. Very beautiful, well done!! Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Sam that was really good, you looked so confident, graceful and relaxed :). Really liked the coming out of the knee hold into the Jamilla (I think thats what it was!).
Carly x

dollyrocket said...

Congratulations honey you were fabulous! I'm so proud of you x