Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Other bloggers

As I am a little frazzled from the week at work so far I will refer you to some other great bloggers: Apparently there is some guy called Barack Obama who has something very exciting to blog about, Glamour Puss has devoted Elegantly Dressed Wednesday to Barack Obama and I know that AmyTree is also over the moon about Obama's win.

Other bloggers I have been following include
Ellie Hopton, she blogs for the Herald on dieting and has successfully lost a stone in 4 weeks, her new approach to dieting is great, she has put aside the faddy diets and overpriced industry dieting food and opted for eating sensibly and in moderation. Read all about it here.

Next -
Rachel Andrews, whilst I lounge on the sofa writing my blog, Rachel is about to embark on a 12 day mission to reach the magnetic North Pole. It seems her training regime is going well and I wish her all the best for her journey. The ambitious trek will raise money for the Amber Trust, read all about it by clicking here.

Sgt Trevor Skeggs has been taking about homesickness whilst serving in Afghanistan and Dominic Jeff has been blogging about climbing in Devon.

You can catch up with pole dancing news from Singapore with blogger Suzie Wong but enough blogger news for now.

I thought I would finish with some news on stripping, People constantly assume that I am a stripper and I have read many arguments in recent press about the degradation of Women who strip or lap dance so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a bunch of disabled male strippers! The Crippendales are a male striptease act - I want to know when are they coming to Plymouth??

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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