Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Pole dancing vs lap dancing

Well the pole / lap dancing / sex industry debate continues as Home Secretary Jacqui Smith launches into a debate over new legislation, we expect to hear within the next few days exactly what the legislation will be and more importantly how it will be worded. I fear that the new wording will have a detrimental effect on my right to performance pole dancing but will have to wait and see for now. I know that the group Object have been involved with the current debate and I am annoyed that they have failed to respond to two e-mails I have sent them asking them for feedback. You can click here to see Jacqui's speech regarding attitudes to brothels and sex trafficking on BBC news this morning. Here is another video from the BBC on the lap dancing debate.

As regular readers of this blog will know I have received support from councillor Linda Bowyer who has aired my concerns at her maiden speech at the council chambers last week so a big thank you to Linda. The debate will continue in the local and national press over the next few days or weeks so I will keep you posted. The current debate has so many twists and turns and it is, as always, very difficult to draw the line between a sexual act and a non sexual act without suddenly resorting to draconian measure such as banning salsa dancing because it may be seen as sexual! I just hope that the new laws aim to protect girls working within the sex industry without infringing on our human rights therefore limiting freedom of self expression.

I will write a full blog when I have seen the final decisions made by Jacqui Smith and her colleagues. My last comment for today is that I hope that any new legislation does help the individuals it is setting out to aid rather than just becoming another stealth tax for club owners, let's face it a higher tax on the club owner is not going to guarantee a better working environment for the girls? Until then I thought I would leave you with this video, if performance pole dancing is restricted this may be the last time I can post a video of this nature - here is performance pole dancing that definitely does not exploit women!!

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AmyTree said...

Wowser! Hello there sir... (He certainly loved that Flag didn't he!!) xx

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OH wow! so good!

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Pole dancing, lap dancing, table dancing, as long as it's beautiful girls dancing it's all good by me! :P