Wednesday, 6 August 2008

News from the girls.

Firstly awful news regarding our Torquay instructor Kelly, her boyfriend Ryan was working the door at a Torquay club on Monday night when a fight broke out, Ryan tried to break up the fight but was bottled, the initial injury resulted in him being knocked unconscious before being repeatedly kicked in the head whilst he lay on the floor. Ryan spent the night in Torbay hospital before being released yesterday afternoon with a large amount of stitches. Kelly has been monitoring him to watch for signs of concussion. Get well Soon Ryan and hope the police manage to catch the irresponsible thugs that did this x. The NHS website has a great question and answer flow chart to help identify concussion in vomiting patients.

Sue, Hayley and Rosanna have been busy updating their blogs with pictures from the recent Devon Car Show, we have already had confirmation of our attendance at next years show if they can find another venue. Apparently the Exeter Racecourse land is being turned into a speedway track so the Devon Car Show is on the lookout for some suitable land. Hayley's blog also feature news of the new Tribal Voice shop that is opening in Plymouth this Saturday, Hayley will be performing as part of the Grand opening.

Big love to Puss & Amytree who have had their fair share of trials and tribulations over the last few weeks, hope things improve. Apologies to the poor students who endured my new evil session plan last night and good luck to those who are attending tonight's session as I will be using the same session plan! I think the students will be begging Jo to come back!

Tomorrow is casting day for the forthcoming Walt Disney film rumoured to be Alice in Wonderland, I am sure that the casting will be packed both today and tomorrow, some enthusiasts arrived at 2am in the morning to be at the front of the queue! I will be arriving tomorrow at a more sensible hour! Inside info direct from today's casting confirms that if you are selected to enter the casting then you will be photographed without make-up, if you turn up with heavy make up applied then you may be automatically rejected. Also they will not accept people with fringes or heavily dyed hair. Today's queue stretched from the new Continental hotel to jesters nightclub approximately a quarter of a mile away. Casting staff perused the queue and instantly rejected many people to reduce the size of the queue.

A quick but disturbing bit if sexual health news, a recent project at a local college aimed to get students to come forward for voluntary chlamydia testing, many people declined the offer, particularly those who were considered most at risk but of those who did come forward 80% tested positive for the disease. As chlamydia has few symptoms it is difficult to know if you have the infection but it can lead to infertility and other problems if left undiagnosed.

A last controversial comment for me for today involves the news that a mother had found an insect larva inside her takeaway box, no doubt there was more nutrition in the larvae than the rest of the meal! See picture right!

Back to work now but will report back on the casting, the appalling new national pole dancing magazine and some competition news.

Stay healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

Ah, well see - I have short, dyed hair and fringe. I feel better now, I would have been rejected from the get-go.

That magazine was BAD.

xxx said...

I couldn't resist posting a thread on body and pole, I tried to be constructive but it was hard! Sam x