Monday, 25 August 2008

My bank holiday weekend in pictures (and some text!)

Lots has happened since my last blog, My husband and I had the pleasure of a roast dinner at BarZeegco on Saturday afternoon, my husband opted for the lamb dinner while I settled for their fantastic home made nut roast.
Saturday's performance at Annabel's went well apart from the fact that I forgot one of the pole extensions and had to dash back to the studio in a taxi, then on my return I realised one of the other pole parts was missing (we managed to survive without out it), then we misread the stickers on the ceiling advising us as to where to put the pole and nearly took the x-pole through the ceiling (again!). My wardrobe decided to misbehave again, putting one pair of pants over the other to avoid any flashing incidents resulted in near disaster but luckily not too much diginity was lost!

Apart from the aforementioned mishaps all the performances went well, I danced twice firstly a static routine to Chrisitina Aguilera - Fighter then a spinning pole routine to Nasty, naughty boy, also by Christina Aguilera. Both routines went fairly well and were a nice rehearsal for the pending competitions. Jo did two outstanding performances which I hope she will blog about soon. Rosanna did a great pole / podium routine and was followed by her Exeter student Nicole Windley, I am hoping that Nicole will put her name forward to dance at our forthcoming student showcase as part of our Art of dance black tie event. Sue wowed us all as usual, I will ask her to blog about her two performances later in the week.

Sunday was Shakespearean scarecrow day at the White Thorn Inn at Shaugh Prior, the weather was OK for a short while allowing us to check out the scarecrows as well as indulging in a beautiful pint of Otter Ale! The winning scarecrow was Quince from Midsummer Nights Dream made by Robin Younge - pictured below. On our return from the White Thorn we popped into Vincent's Farm Shop to get lots of fresh veggies for our proposed Bank Holiday roastie. Vincent's is about to get a face lift as a new concrete floor is put in making way for their new fresh meat counter, I have promised that I will return to check out the new farm shop very soon. If you haven't been to Vincent's before then it really is worth the visit and is a unique shopping experience, it comes highly recommended. Sunday evening invoved eating a lovely organic prawn Balti (pictured below right) cooked by my very own masterchef - my husband.

Today I had the pleasure of a Pole Jam with Tracey Simmonds (Miss Pole Dance 2006), Michaela (Britain's got talent) and the lovely Hayley Silk (The Art of dance). I did an hour and a half and really went for all my best moves as well as some new ones which have seriously stretched my back and shoulders. The Instructors and myself plan to shoot a new youtube video later in the week so watch this space. Tracey will be one of my competitors in the forthcoming Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 competition and she will definitely be hard to beat.

On my return from the studio my lovely husband had been busy preparing a roast with the fresh produce we had purchased on the Sunday. The Roast dinner was divine but I am now feeling fat and full as well as being beasted from the vigorous pole workout. The rest of the evening will involve doing very little!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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