Thursday, 7 August 2008

Casting feedback

I arrived at the New Continental Hotel at about 9.20am this morning to find a queue stretching from the front doors of the hotel then winding its way around so that the hotel was encircled by the queue. There was little movement until about 10.45 when the queue seemed to start moving quite quickly. we soon found out that this was because the casting crew were perusing the queue for possible extras, if you were a possible then you were given a red star and told you would definitely get seen, I was one of those lucky enough to get a red star so got moved towards the front of the queue. Those who did not get a red star were told they could wait if they wanted but that they were unlikely to be seen. Others were just told they were a definite no, usually due to the presence of a fringe or heavily dyed hair.

One lady queuing with me called Krystel did not get a red star as her hair was too short but she did have the most impressive Alice in Wonderland tattoo, see picture below.

The shorter queue still took approximately 2 and a half hours to clear, the rain caught us out at one point but two lovely people from Penzance offered for me to huddle under the umbrella. The atmosphere in the queue was a very British affair, we all queued patiently and chatted to each other to keep our spirits up.

Eventually I was ushered into the Athena Suite in the Hotel where we given a briefing about the production, when it would be filmed, what was expected of us. Next we were divided into two queues, male and female, before being told that some of us may be taken to a separate room for a different set of parts. I was one of these, now I am not sure if this was a good move or a bad move and still have the idea that if I get through, rather than a lovely corset, I may end up dressed as a rabbit in a field!

Basically the crew tried to get across the message that being an extra is not in any way glamorous, I think the queues proved that to us. The actual days of filming will be long and gruelling and the pay isn't as great as everyone has been making out, but it does promise to be an experience. I will hear within 2 weeks if I have a part so will let you know if I hear anything. For full stories on the whole Disney / Plymouth saga click on the Herald link.

News as promised on the new national pole dancing magazine, Pole 2 Pole, as you know normally I would link to the magazine but I was so disappointed by it I don't think it deserves the link. Basically this magazine is not supportive of the fitness pole dancing industry and therefore does not get my support. Here is what I wrote on the body and pole forum followed by some of the replies: "Ok, so I get to unleash my honest opinion, I will try to be constructive but will find it hard. One of my students bought the magazine and then gave it to me to look at, I was horrified, the magazine shows a blatant lack of knowledge regarding the fitness pole dancing industry and I am unsure exactly who the magazine is marketed at.

The print quality is dreadful, the magazine is littered with spelling and grammatical errors and has little content. If I had paid £3 for this magazine I would feel completely ripped off as does my student.

The magazine features one article from an Exeter based pole dancing instructor with the line " in just one day instructors can learn everything they need to know to teach beginners pole dancing to classes, circuits and one to ones" How can anyone teach someone to be a pole dancing instructor in just one day?

There is nothing in the magazine about pole Unity and it bears no resemblance to the picture on the website with a front cover featuring CJ & Amber.

To be completely honest I could rant about this publication all day, I was asked to write an article for the publication but am glad that I chose not too. There is a bad and then there is truly awful and that is me trying to be nice about the whole subject."

Follow up comments;

fyers89 - "I was so unimpressed by this magazine! When it arrived through my door i COULDNT WAIT to read it! I was expecting loads of pictures of great pole dancers, articles about peoples experiences and how they started pole dancing. I was so disappointed to find it was full of adverts, even the crappy articles were pretty much advertising! The quality of the pictures we're embarrassing.. such a let down!"

PoleKitten -
"The magazine is currently is still edging towards the more controversial side of pole dancing and the side that many of the people in the "pole fitness" industry are trying to edge away from. I notice one advert completely for sexy outfits with the statement "spearheading the drive for professional fitness through pole dancing". (Now i don't know about anyone else but if i could have an effective workout in half the dresses on that page without my breasts falling out everywhere I'd be impressed!)"

Kat - "I hope they take those thoughts on board, I was really excited about this magazine but I am relieved my subscription was cancelled now."

I think you get the general idea that the publication hasn't gone down well.

For the first time in three nights I get to rest, well I say that but I am planning half hour pole jam with Rosanna at half 5! Apart from the Pole Jam I have the whole night off before shifting rubble tomorrow! I think a quick pint at Raffles is called for!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam

I got through to the form stage but stayed in the 1st room where Ilenka took my photo. To be quite honest I'm worried that it was a huge waste of time now. The only thing that gives me hope is that they appeared to start doing the 2 queue thing at the end of Wednesday and I was one of the first one they did like that (I think), she said it was to get people through quicker as there were loads still stood out in the most horrible rain storm.

I shall not be holding my breath now though because they didn't seem as interested in us.
Oh well at least I had a go.

Well done for getting in to the hotel, I had a feeling you would. We will have to keep calm and wait and see.


Ziggy x said...

Hi Ziggy,

I like you have my reservations but am glad I went anyway. If either of us get through to the final 250 it will be bloody hard work for 2 weeks but will be an interesting experience! See you Thursday Sam x

Glamourpuss said...

How exciting! But yes, nothing glamorous about being an extra.

As to P2P, I suspected as much after an abortive attempt to enquire about freelance submissions...