Friday, 19 September 2008

There must be something in the air........

It seems that there is a lot going on at the art of dance at the moment, holidays, babies and engagements are in abundance. Congratulations to art of dance student Penny, Jordan and Tay on the birth of Ava Sofia (pictured top left) at 2.38 this morning (What happened to Darth!). Also congratulations go out to another art of dance student Nikki Burns on the birth of Eddy (pictured below right) who was born earlier this week. Looking forward to catching up with all concerned.

With regards to holidays: Hayley is off to Lanzarote for a week - read all about it in her blog, Rosanna is still skiving in Egypt with her new fiancee Steve and Nixi is being wined and dined by her new fiancee Chris in France. It seems engagement fever is in the air so congratulations also go out to art of dance students Emily Addicott and Sam Beeny on their recent engagements too! After such a miserable summer it is great to hear such good news.

Quick news on our annual birthday bash which has failed to materialise this year, after endless searching to find a suitable venue we eventually found - Harmony's - time has run out to plan the event before Xmas and get a temporary events license. it is also such a busy time for the art of dance what with my pending competitions, the completion of the second studio (it will get finished eventually!) and the desperate need to complete my end of year accounts (I hate accounting!). The annual ball, which may become bi-annual, will now be held in either February or March (dates to be confirmed within the next week) next year and promises to be amazing, the fine dining at Harmony's will provide a fantastic three course meal. I am hoping to visit Harmony's when it opens to sample their wonderful cuisine for myself so will let you know how my experience is. I am also hoping to get some pictures of the fabulous venue to whet your appetite for the forthcoming ball. All the best to Shaun and his team on the pending opening of this stunning new venue.

Pole dancing in the press: Today has seen a week of pole dancing in the local press starting with the lovely article about Tamar and I. On Tuesday I read an article about plans to review the way in which lap dancing clubs are licensed - click here for the full story. For a change there are some really intelligent comments written about the story particularly one comment from Rhetorician.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaching Bridgy from Plymouth Sound to pole dance, he asked for a crash course and that is exactly what he got - check out the video footage (it is a little slow to buffer but gets there in the end!). Bridgy is one half of the Helen and Bridgy breakfast show. I was a little cruel to Bridgy and I asked him to perform several very advanced moves which he made valiant attempts to perfect. I was also joined by the lovely Helen who decided to stay behind the camera, News reader Michaela, whom I failed to persaude to have a go and the gorgeous Black Thunder Amy who I couldn't keep off the poles - she can really dance! I am dying to know how Bridgy's muscles were feeling after the intense workout?

Tonight I am off with the Lordette of darkness herself - Jo- to promote the art of dance' fitness pole dancing lessons at the Grosvener casino, the event is in conjunction with House of Fraser and the Hair Priory. Anyone wanting to attend needs to turn up with photographic ID such as a a passport or driving license or a valid casino membership. Tomorrow I am off to Club Vanilla to perform three 10 minute sets on their main stage and Sunday I actually have a whole day off during which I hope to get to the Mussel inn with my mum for a fabulous fish meal!!!!! Just think, whilst I am relaxing on Sunday Jo will be doing a triathlon, I think I made the btter choice!

More news to follow,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

I think Ava is SUCH a gorgeous name, 'Darth' can be left behind! (Besides, she really, really doesn't look like a Dark Sith Lord!!) xx