Friday, 12 September 2008

Off to Glasgow

Firstly thanks to James from Tsavo photographic for this picture of Tamar and I at the Pole Divas qualifiers in Bristol last Saturday - more pictures to follow.

Secondly a huge congratulations to Nixi on her engagement to Chris whilst on holiday in France - very romantic. Nixi will be getting ready for her new term at Plymouth University and will be returning on the 22nd September and new UPPDC classes.

Tomorrow I am off to Glasgow for Christi Campbell's fight against undefeated Jojo Calderwood, the fight promises to be a good one and I hope that Christi will return to Plymouth with another win for Saints.

Over the next two weeks you may see a reduction in the number of blogs posted from me as I have a very hectic couple of weeks, Jo and I will be covering all the classes in Liskeard and Plymouth as Rosanna, Nixi and Hayley are all on holiday! Kelly will be doing her lessons in Torquay as well as covering Rosanna's Exeter classes.

Apologies to my victims last night who endured much underarm bruising but worked extremely hard - be warned I am not about to be nicer next week and am going to focus on thigh bruising instead! I am now off to the Cirque Surreal (didn't get in on Sunday!) for an hour of escapism to take my mind of my hectic schedule.

Lastly you may want to check out Puss's latest blog which covers the fascinating subject of vagina's- it is well worth a read.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Nicola said...

Thanks Sam, will see you soon xx