Sunday, 7 September 2008

Over the moon.

After yesterdays win at the Pole Divas championship south west qualifying heats I am still buzzing. I am also so proud of Tamar for her win too, she did the art of dance proud! You can check out her video on her blog and mine is in yesterday's blog. Thanks to Faye from Pole Tastic and Josephine from Pole-Play for organising the event. I now have to practice alongside Tamar for the forthcoming finals to be held at Pure in Manchester on the 23rd November this year!

Despite my delight at winning I have now watched my performance three times and have already picked it to pieces! I have lots to work on and a few new moves to perfect before November. Today I am going to rest and worry about it all tomorrow. This afternoon I am off tho the Cirque Surreal for some real escapism.

Thanks again to My Mum and Jo for accompanying me to Bristol yesterday, Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle from Kentucky for coming to watch yesterday during their stay in GB. A big shout to one of my competitors Beverley Adams for such a beautiful and strong performance - great figurehead into shoulder mount!-, Thanks to Tamar's family for their ongoing support of the art of dance and their support of Tamar, Thanks to all of you who have left lovely comments on my blog, facebook and via text and e-mail. Thanks to Tracey Michell for the monthly sports massages that are helping to keep me in shape and stop me falling apart!. Lastly thank you so much to m husband for the lovely messages yesterday, the impromptu send of at the gym yesterday morning an the gorgeous home cooked cheese and fish pies that met me on my return!

I must add congratulations to Kelly Shaw - pictured above left with Jenna Rchards from the Herald Express - who has successfully dealt with the lanch of our new Torquay venue, check out the article in the Herald Express!

I am a very happy bunny!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! You were absolutley amazing! xxx