Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Increasing my fitness

After seeing Deb Riley's new picture of her starfish move (picture left) I have decided I need to serious increase my training. Debs, who is the inventor of the fantastic Pole-o-mat, will be competing against me at the forthcoming Miss Pole Dance UK finals in London. Apart from increasing my training I will have to consider my diet: If you need help improving your diet to help you exercsie more effectively then just click this link for advice from sports nutritionist Wendy Martinson. I will keep you posted on my training plan and will be practising with Jo and Tamar later today, Jo has also increased her training, check out her blog for full info on her latest antics. I am hoping to video some of our sessions as it provides a really good way of monitoring progress and seeing how the moves look.

On a less serious note I couldn't resist blogging about the incident that occurred at the Grampound Carnival in Cornwall - it is hilarious, Chief superintendent Colin Terry arrived at the carnival dressed as Osama Bin Laden click here for the full story and check out the picture below left.

Off to eat lots of carbs!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

I have a feeling MPD is going to be amazing this year - everyone's so strong the tricks are off the page.

Puss said...

Hi Puss, Yes, am quite scared! Will be great to catch up with you, are you at Pole Diva's too? Sam x