Friday, 10 August 2007

Naughty me!

I have just visited Jo's blog and as if by magic strange things have happened to it! I am not sure where today's cheekiness has come from but after several days feeling a little miserable (probably due to having to do my end of year accounts- very boring) I now feel revived and mischievous. The sun is shining, I have the night off work, the diary is full of pole dancing bookings and I had breakfast on the Hoe at the Coffee Shack with my husband. The view from the shack is fantastic

I think I am rambling a bit today but that is because I am calm and happy and my brain is thinking of all the nice things I have been doing or have planned. I am actually resting my body today and have not touched the pole since yesterday lunchtime. It is good to rest the body sometimes as over-exertion can cause complications, as I am always going on about the importance of exercise I thought it equally important to remind you that sometimes you need a little rest and relaxation.

Before I forget, just one quick moan regarding Dance x on BBC 1, I noticed on Sundays episode that the dancers are not given any advice on healthy eating yet they are portrayed as budding professional dancers, Ashley (one of the competitors) was reported as eating 5-6 packets of crisps a day. I was quite disturbed as these dancers are role models to some children and teenagers and i think the BBC have a moral responsibility to encourage good diet. The programme just seemed to find it funny that Ashley's diet was bad and there are no references to how their diet could affect their performances.

Next week will feature one of my favourites events - the National Fireworks Championship -it is a fantastic spectacle and well worth a visit if you are able. I find watching the fireworks extremely therapeutic as it stimulates both the eyes and the ears and provides real escapism.

Lastly well done to all my students who attended my new (slightly evil, but, no pain - no gain) pole dancing sessions this week - it was a very demanding session plan but everyone survived and no one wimped out! Respect!

Talking of escapism it must be time for me to sign off and visit the pub (just a quiet pint of real ale - no binge drinking or anything!)

Stay Healthy

Sam x

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Sarah said...

Love the pic of the Hoff, you cheeky minx!

I certainly felt last week's class for a couple of days afterwards, Sam! Looking forward to a gentler one this week (if there is such a thing!)

Sarah A xxx