Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Come back Jo!!!

Picture of Jo's view out of her scuba equipment today.

I am missing my colleague Jo immensely, I rely on her very heavily for debriefing and usually phone her at least once a day if not more. Work is very busy at the moment and I am covering Jo's hours as well as my own, I am also trying to sort out my end of year accounts so writing my blog is a small breath of fresh air ! I may hack into Jo's blog later and write cheeky things in it as another route to accounts avoidance.

Thanks to Ziggy for her comments on Mondays blog - it is nice to know that some kids and adults do know how to enjoy themselves without the use of a PlayStation or mobile phone. it is really nice to get feedback from people on my blogs.

Whilst Jo is lying on the beach probably sipping wine I have found some time to look at todays health news and have focused on several studies that I like, obviously the ones that identify unhealthy aspects of my lifestyle have been dismissed and must be untrue! Apparently researchers have been testing green tea on mice, I am not a fan of animal testing but I do like green tea. Research suggests that Green tea slows the production of skin cells by regulating the activity of the enzyme caspase 14, this means that it should be good for the prevention of psoriasis and other skin complaints.

Other health news emerging today is more evidence to back up fears over plastic food containers and the risk of plastics absorbing into the body. One plastic, bisphenol A, has been linked to a number of health problems, including cancer, insulin resistance and obesity. It makes me wonder why we need so much plastic packaging, it certainly does not seem to be good for us or the environment and we never needed it before. Why cant we get our vegetables wrapped in paper bags like we used to?

My favourite study today is one regarding fat pets, not content with feeding up our kids we are now feeding our pets to gargantuan proportions and obviously this is leading to obese cats, dogs, gerbils etc, What is worse is that pharmaceutical companies are now marketing anti obesity drugs for dogs when surely the answer is to control your dog's diet and exercise it more? Please don't get me started on the obesity gene either, I simply don't believe it exists - people just eat too much and don't work out - end of. Either this or they are absorbing too many plastics?

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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