Thursday, 2 August 2007

Milk - the new water?

Apparently milk is the new water, recent studies show that a pint of milk after exercise keeps you more hydrated than water. It seems a little strange but studies suggest that the vitamins and minerals in milk help the body absorb the liquid more easily. The study says that a pint of milk after exercise will do wonders - so I am about to become the milk guinea pig and for the next week or so will have a pint of milk after each training session. I think I am either going to feel fantastic or just put on several stone?

I tried to search the net for some helpful advice on milk and find out whether this new study had any real grounding but all I found was seriously conflicting advice including reports linking milk to the bible which then threw up all sorts of religious arguments as to why you should or shouldn't drink milk. I would imagine that if you are looking at losing weight then full fat milk may not be the best thing to compliment your training. I also know that the study I read did not mention soya milk or other alternative's. I personally try to avoid milk that is not organic as it can contain unnatural levels of hormones and antibiotics, I also try to buy locally as organic produce does need to be fresh.

I would imagine that yoghurt drinks may do the same as drinking a pint of milk but watch out for added sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. I have just consumed my first pint of milk after training and interestingly it has suppressed my appetite and I feel as if i have just eaten a meal.

Apologies of you are vegan or dairy intolerant as this blog will be completely useless to you and may even offend you - Sorry! I am now going to sign off to process wages for my staff otherwise I will not be very popular!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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