Friday, 17 August 2007

Forgot to mention:

A quick amendment to todays blog - I foolishly forgot to check comments from my previous post and therefore missed two fantastic comments. Firstly Hi To Laura and Stephen in Pennsylvania - hope life in the US is treating you well? Laura gave me this link to a website that gives great advice on making healthy choices when eating fish so that you can eat well and still do your bit for the environment - Great website.

Also thanks to Amytree for mentioning that if you eat ice cream standing up then apparently there are no calories !! I think this equates to my argument that I only drink real ale as it is full of carbs and actually helps my training??

FAO - Sarah A - you are right I do not know the meaning of the phrase easy class but well done on your side climb into figure head - you should be very chuffed x

Sam x

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