Monday, 18 June 2007

You can push yourself

I was sitting in Mutley Baptist church yesterday waiting to give blood - I thought I should do a good deed and it gave me an hour away from work.The staff as usual were absolutely brilliant and I was reminded what a fantastic job they do. Whilst writing my blog I have been reminded how much we take our own health for granted. The fact that most of us have our mobility is great in itself and then I look at those who do have physical disabilities and yet they can still manage all sorts of physical feats. It makes you think that we could all push ourselves just that little bit more and so today I set about my new training regime, adding a new list of pole tricks to my already challenging schedule. Despite the extra workout I felt really good, I had exceeded my own personal expectations and, despite the bruising, I felt I had really achieved something (I may regret it tomorrow!). I am sure we can all do a little bit more than we think we can and although giving up feels like the easy option the sense of reward you get when you do go the extra mile is well worth it. Look at the recent half or full marathon, how great it must feel to cross that finish line. Your goals don't have to include running a marathon it might be as simple as walking to work instead of driving which will boost your health and your wallet. Perhaps you could try increasing your gardening routine getting the health benefits and then enjoying the visual results of your hard work. If none of this is appealing to you then just thinking about something simple like improving your posture just by lengthening through the spine and holding your tummy in a little you are improving your core strength, you can do this even whilst watching the TV. So while Stacey on Eastenders is making Bradley's life miserable you can be toning your abs by holding the belly in a little and lengthening the spine making yourself feel that little bit taller. You could surprise your self with the results. Well that's enough for my blog today as Saturday evening is approaching fast and I have a pint of Real Ale waiting to reward me for my vigorous workout, I have guzzled a large amount of water and now feel justified in my sin! Have a happy and healthy week. Sam x Check out the sofa workout -,,258_166820,00.html The gardening workout - Everything you need to know about getting a flat stomach- Help the health and fitness of others by giving blood-

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