Thursday, 28 June 2007

Spoil yourself!

Well, another day and another fantastically healthy diet, spinach, nuts, fresh mackerel, orgainc eggs and more! I have had the correct portions of fruit and veg , I have hydrated my body with plenty of water and herbal teas and yet I still feel the desire to wash everything down with a pint of ale.

Since writing this blog I now feel a sense of guilt every time I do something unhealthy, I caught myself sneaking out of the off license last week with a few bottles of real ale hidden underneath a copy of the Herald and then I quickly made a dash for the car hoping that nobody would see me. When I finished training prematurely today I felt like I was setting a really bad example, I am sure that we all feel a bit guilty when we plan to do something and then do not complete the desired outcome. So should we feel guilty or not?

Feeling fit and healthy is not just about diet and exercise but more so about a feeling of wellbeing and calm. Sometimes your body is saying it needs a rest, I am sure most of us encounter enough daily stress so finding time to relax can be essential. I am aware that throughout my blogs I have failed to mention sleep, how wrong of me! Sleep and rest are essential, Insomnia in this country is rife and can affect all of us. The biggest cause of sleeplessness is thought to be depression and none of us can argue that we have never felt stressed or depresssed.

Apologies for my next set of comments but I can't resist! Have any of you watched any of the sleep clinic programmes - how entertaining, obviously not for the poor people who are dancing around their bedroom whilst asleep but great TV nonetheless. Back to a serious note, here is the NHS web page for advice on insomnia - click here

As I mentioned before stress and depression are the usual causes of sleeplessnes so make sure you get some quality time to your self, our busy lifestyles often mean that we do not take time for ourselves. Simple things like reading a favourite book, going for a walk or having a massage can give us some time to unwind, for me exercising is actually a great form of stress relief and no matter how miserable I am feeling I always feel better after a good session on the pole.

Well, now I have justifed having a pint later and have probably made countless typos throughout my blog I will stop my ramblings and sign off.

Have a great evening and stay healthy

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

Guilt is an entirely pointless emotion, but it's also a bugger to rid yourself of.

Agree with your principles entirely, but find the practise ever so much more difficult...