Thursday, 21 June 2007

Grey skies and motivation

Apparently today is the longest day of the year and therefore we should have the most sunlight hours - obviously this is not quite the case today. For some of us the grey skies and rain can make us feel less than motivated but we live in hope that there is some sunshine on the way.I suppose the fact that Glastonbury is running this weekend guaranteed that bad weather would imposing itself upon us. Anyway I must apologise for the lack of blogs over the last few days but I have been updating my first aid training and I am now desperately waiting for someone to injure themselves so I can practice my skills. As a fitness-professional I should be looking at damage limitation but the excitement of bandaging someone's head has taken over. One thing that the first aid training reminded me of was the fact that heart failure is still our biggest killer. This fact reminded me about the importance of healthy living and a good diet to prevent the hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure that ultimately leads to heart attacks and strokes. We can all look after our vital organs just a little bit more and so I refer back to the usual suspects: drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and veg, exercise and be happy. Buy some fresh food, only yesterday I went down to the fish market next to the National Marine aquarium and bought some beautiful fresh bass from Rex down, not only was it lots cheaper than the local supermarket but it also tasted fresher and I knew that the money was going to local people. Generally the fishmongers do not mind members of the public popping in as long as it's between 9am and midday Monday to Thursday. And so off to cook my next healthy meal, a serving of bass - California style (pan-fried in spices). Enjoy the longest day of the year and eat well. Sam x The stroke association website - information on heart attacks and their prevention. - fresh food delivered to your door

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