Friday, 15 June 2007

Exercise is boring

was a little stunned today to hear someone utter the words “Yes, but exercise is boring”, They obviously haven’t been watching ITV’s “Britain’s got talent” and therefore haven’t seen the lively display of varying types of exercise from angle grinding and aerial silk to break dancing and parkour.I am unsure if the rapping granny was exercising but she was very entertaining nevertheless and proof that you are never too old! Exercise forms are endless and all you need to do is find something you enjoy. The main aim with exercise is to get your body moving in some way, shape or form. You do not have to go for a traditional workout and you certainly should have no excuse for getting bored with your exercise routine. Since hearing the boring exercise comment I started to look around Plymouth to see exactly what was on offer and there really is something for everyone. Just by perusing a local magazine I found references to line dancing, street dance, football, Thai- boxing, trapeze and judo to name but a few. Even if you are the sort of person who is not into group sports or if you have limited funds we live in area of beautiful coastline and fantastic moorland so why not just have a walk? The aim is to increase your physical activity and judging by the group of people sat outside a local fast food takeaway today most of us really do need to exercise more. You don’t have to be a gym bunny and spend vast amounts of money on monthly memberships there are certainly cheaper alternatives. If you are looking for something different then I would suggest finding an activity that you don’t have to over commit too - just try a few classes or activities at a time to see if you really like it. Also make sure that the activity is suited to your own personal needs. Think about why you are exercising; Is it to lose weight, increase your lung capacity, tone up or maybe you have a medical condition and have been advised to exercise by your GP. Your GP may be your first point of contact when considering new forms of exercise. If you are attending a fitness class then the instructor should be able to advise you if you require GP consent. If you are merely walking on the moors try to increase your walk a little at a time maybe increasing your walking pace as well as the duration of your walk.. Remember the aim is to enjoy exercising and prevent it becoming a chore. - Download information walks on Dartmoor South West coast path walks Advise for senior citizens on exercising safely All the info you need for finding sports and leisure activities within Plymouth. Stay Healthy and get out there and start sweating! Sam x

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