Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Very cute lambs & more!

Ok, so these lambs are nothing to do with health and fitness or are they? For Karen, the lady who is currently hand rearing them, I am sure she would argue that looking ater lambs is not an easy task as feeding is required every 3 hours throughout the day & night. Karen is one of our students and already has a great upper and core body strength through various jobs she has to carry out on the farm. We all miss her after her 8 week absence and look forward to her return once the lambs need a little less attention.

Next I must mention the Evening Herald and in particular Martin Freeman, a feature writer, for the fantastic article he wrote about me in today's herald, click here for the full story. After the fiasco with Plymouth University it is great for people to see pole dancing portrayed in such a positive light. The Herald have been extremely supportive over the years and it is greatly appreciated.

I couldn't resist adding this picture of the
storage silo at Millbay, as you can see demolition has already started with a significant chunk of the building missing from the top right corner.
Having lived in Plymouth all my life it will be strange to see the building omitted from the skyline but I welcome the redevelopment that it will bring to the area.

My last bit of news for today is to draw your attention to the dangers of
solvent abuse, I received an e-mail from one of my students, Gina Shpeherd, she is curently a studying at Marjon college and she has set up a petition to raise awarenss of solvent abuse via teaching at secondary schools. Gina felt the need to start the petiton after the tragic death of Danielle Taylor in June 2004, Danielle died after trying to inhale gas for the first time. To sign the petition click here.
Documentary footage to follow....

Stay healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Hurrah for good PR.

Puss said...

Hi Puss,

Hope you are well? I finally have the NUTs tv footage, I am going to upload a short clip to my youtube channel but will get the whole series copied and posted up to you asap along with the student documentary we have just had done,

Sam x